2019-2020 School year



We are currently scheduling Northern Kentucky  for January and February  ( ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT AVAILABLE) and then returning schools in the 15 Counties region in March.

We have worked in these Counties:  Grant, Kenton, Boone, Campbell, Shelby, Spencer, Robertson, Bracken, Gallatan, Mason,Carroll, Trimble, Owen, Scott,and Henry Counties When funds allow, we go to other counties requesting the program as Harlan, Hardin, Harrison, Belle, Knox, Nicolas, Letcher and others requesting the program. 

We plan a trip to the eastern KY area March 16-26 and the Southeast Ky region and another trip to the South east region April 27th 2020.    We are currenly funded by a grant from DELTA DENTAL of KENTCKY.

Expanding Counties and Schools


We have worked in 21 counties in Kentucky. We hope to be statewide in the future reaching enough children to change the state of Kentucky to be one of the BEST STATES FOR ORAL HEALTH EVER!

Reaching New and Needed Regions


What We Teach

Going to the Dentist


Children are often scared of dental visits. Explaining to children what to expect and why they go to the dentist helps decrease the fear of the unexpected.  Each program picks a doctor from among the children to do a thorough exam of Big Mouth



What we eat not only effects our teeth but all our body.  Nutritional choices are decided as a group as the effects of our choices are reviewed. The very best to the very worst foods are decided by Mr. tooth, Mr. Plaque, the big brusher, the big flosser, happy tooth and sad tooth....and a room full of kids 

Healthy GUMS


The concept of brushing your teeth sometimes the first and only concept picked up by children. Half of tooth loss is due to disease of the gums and half of all adults have gum disease. This is why the science of what happens below the teeth in the gums is emphasized in our program. 

What We Teach

Cavity Prevention


"These teeth are yours and you need to protect them" is taught by way of reviewing brushing and flossing.  Pride and self responsibility are stressed.  The best part about your smile is YOU.



This age group often holds their mouth open wide to get sealants.  The reason for sealants is explained. How they are put in and most how they are protected  from chewy sticky candy reviewed.  

Smoking Prevention


Smoking is considered possibly the number one cause of tooth loss through gum disease and decay in our state of Kentucky.  Preparing and practicing saying NO and knowing why is never too soon.

The Fluoride Lesson

The Children learn what fluoride does to enamel,  and the various way  of getting Fluoride on our teeth.  

WE encourage fluoride use to harden the teeth

in home, school settings and in the dental office.  Learning about how to keep teeth healthy and prevention is the best way to have great oral


A bifg picture of how everything works helps us remember and to


Candy College

What to Know- Be a smart candy eater!

1. Everyone likes candy.

2. Do not eat it daily.  Studies show a great decrease in cavities when you consume candy only one day a week.

3.  Do not let children eat sticky taffy.  It pulls out those important protective sealants that prevent decay.

4.  Candy that makes your face pucker is too too acidic for enamel.

5.  it is not how much sugar you eat, but how long you it it.  Have your chocolate  bar or gum and brush and floss it off.

6.  Xylitol  in some gums, suckers and mints kills the plaque . end your party with this item.


About Us

Board Members/ Team


Tracy Laughner RDH-President

Daniella Noack-Secretary-Treasurer

Raedean Kramer-Chair person

Stephanie Morris RN-Boone County Schools

Stacey Saylor


School nurses


Local School Boards

See contributors below

Thanks Raedean Kramer for putting together thousands upon thousands of bags for the "kiddies"

Tracy Laughner RDH


Tracy is a Public Health Dental Hygienist working in Education as well as doing clinical Hygiene for 20 years. Tracy's background is in Private school education, nursing and Dental Hygiene. Her first dental volunteer work was doing mass fluoride treatments with Department of Health in Guatemala in the groovy 70's. She believes that preventive health education is one of the best ways of changing the oral health crisis in the state of Kentucky.  The first and third graders are getting what we call their "grandpa/grandma" teeth. This is an age to teach these children to plan their smile ahead-  thus Plan Ahead Smiles Program.  We do this in a fun interactive way,  teaching scientific principles that they can remember for a life time.



Scheduing Letcher County KY schools

Kenton Elementary

RC Hinsdale

Summit View Academy-Kenton

Kelly Elementary-Boone

LongBranch Elementary-Boone

Hinsdale E.S. Boone county

St. Joseph Campbell County-Scheduled

Erlanger Independent-

Shelby County Southside

Trimble County -Scheduled

Owen County Elementary

Gallatin Coutny upper and lower Elementary

Robinson County Elementary 

Spencer County Elementary

Collins Elementary School-Boone

Campbellsburg Elementary

Eminence Academy 

Eastern Elementary

New Castle Elementary

Lemons Mill Elementary -Scott County

Ryland Heights Elementary Kenton

Whites Tower Elementary Kenton

Taylor Elementary  Bracken

West Point Elementary Louisville

Pineville Independent School-Bell County

Piner Elementary Kenton

Villa Madonna Academy

Beechgrove Elementary Kenton

Caywood Elementary  Kenton

Florence Elementary Boone

River Ridge Elementary Kenton

Fort Wright Elementary Kenton

Yealey Elementary Boone

Ockerman Elementary Boone

Stephens Elementary Boone

Erpenbeck Elementary Boone

Northpoint Elementary Boone

Thornwilde Elementary Boone

Goodridge Elementary Boone

Harrison County 2017

Eastside Elementary School

Southside Elementary School

Northside Elementary School

Westside Elementary School

Nicolas County 2017

Knox Elementary School Oct 2017

Knox County

Grant County Schools 2017-fall

Pineville Elementary  Oct 2017

Bell County

Cumberland Elementary Oct 2017

Harlan County

Dry Rdidge E.S. (Nov)

Mason E.S. (Nov)

Mt. Zion E.S (Nov)

Shermon E.S. (Nov)




Gregory and Tina Rudolph

Thank you GSK for giving us p

Peridontex toothpaste to distribute in our dental bags fall 2019!   Every child and parent can see how well this product fights germ that cause gingivitis.

Thank you Tooth fairy Org in helping us network with you and for supplying the best toothbrushes ever for fall 2019

Delta Dental of Kentucky- Louisville Community Fund

Thank You so much for your financial gift to Plan Ahead Smiles program.  As your current and past giving to many programs like ours in the dental health community, we see that Delta Dental of Kentucky goes far beyond in showing their commitment to the community. Because  of Delta Dental, Plan Ahead Smiles program is able to make smiles happen, one school at a time!

Besides making this program financially possible- thank you for toothbrushes that are being supplied for many of the school programs. 

National Tooth Fairy Organization

Thank you for all you do to help provide resources for programs like ours. Thank you for your donation of 500 tooth brushes for our dental supply bags  (last year 4,400 bags) Together we will make a difference!  Thank you for the generous donation of toothpaste in February 2018!

Dental Health Products,Inc

Thanks, Chloe Kramer

Your 720 children's toothbrushes were greatly needed. You make it possible for us (so far) to be able to give dental supply bags out in the Autumn of 2017.


Thank you Dr. Mark Glockner for 200.00 donation to be used for supplies as a non profit accounting program. 

 Glockner Family Dentistry

2011 Dixie Hwy, Fort Mitchell, KY 41011

Phone: (859) 331-6677

NKY Orthodontics

Thank you for supporting us with supplies, bags and toothpaste

Dr. Jeri Stull

Dr. Candyse Jeffries

Dr. Dallas Margeson



Marlette Family Dentistry

Thank you so much for helping supply the dental bags in Boone county schools!

Dr. Marc Marlette

Dr. Kreyling

Mary Jordan  RDH

7303 us Highway 42

florence KY 41042


Sunstar Oral Health Division- G-U-M

Thank you for a box filled with dental supplies as toothbrushes and floss given to schools in September 2017 programs.  You make this program rock!


Dr. Danny Nakhla DMD

Thank you for providing supply bags for Piner Elementary School in Spring 2017

Dr. Jack Lenihan Jr. D.M.D. and Dr. Cara Copes Lenihan Dental, Crittenden KY

Thanks for your commitment to all the Grant County Schools on the schedule for November 2017. Together we will improve the oral health in Kentucky one  school at a time. 

800 Violet Road

Crittenden Kentucky


 Colgate: Thank you for 100 

toothbrushes and toothpaste given for winter 2016-17

GSK-sensodyne: Thanks for the several cases of toothpaste.  Every donation helps!


Dr. Danny Nakhla and Betsy

Independence Family Dentistry

Wonderful bags for Piner Elementary

Crest-Oral-B: Thank you for 100 tooth brushes given Feb. 2017

Delta Dental: thanks for your help in 2016-17 school year when you helped with part of our expenses.

Bridgette Marie  Photography: Cynthiana KY Thescatter.com

Thank for volunteer photography in Harrison County. Also for your artistic skills with our props!

Raedean Kramer: Thanks for many hours weekly in putting together supplies. And for all those that pitch in to help.

Daniella Noack: Thanks for helping this program come about with your ability to file and fill forms, your vision, organizing, encouragement and fund raising. You are truly a hidden engine inside the movement of what happens with Plan Ahead Smiles Program!

Artist Jennifer Courtney- What a fabulous new mouth August 2018- Thanks for your painting skills!

More spomsors


Precision Dental Care- Grant County

Drs Ken, Adam. and Jonathan Rich

Dry Ridge and Walton Kentucky

Grant County School Sponsor


Comfort Dentistry-Dr. Tim McMahon

 Grant County schools Sponsor

300 Arbor Dr. Suite # 5,  Dry Ridge, KY