Plan Ahead Smiles Program

About Us

Changing Oral Health

This is an interactive teaching experience in the school setting. This program motivates young children to plan ahead in the future of their own oral health.  This teaching makes the science of a healthy mouth easy to understand and remember for decades to come.

Setting up Your School

This is service funded by grants, gifts and volunteers. If you would like to set up your school for this coming school year contact us at ...see link

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Fundraising for 2019-2010 School Year!

Member of KOHC

 The Kentucky Oral Health Coalition (KOHC) aims to improve oral health of all people In Kentucky. Your membership connects you with a diverse community of stakeholders who are armed with tools, knowledge, data, and capacity. The priorities of the coalition include: improving oral health literacy, expanding school based oral health services, and increasing access to oral care. 

Sharing the Vision

This is a non profit 501-c3 tax exempt corporation. We need your help to expand this program to reach more schools. Please contact us! Some local dental offices support the program by giving toothbrush bags.   Other work includes preparation and scheduling of the program.

Thank you to school nurses, school boards and educators for helping reach the students with quality education.

Please send your tax deductible donation to 

Plan Ahead Smiles Program

15 Kelley Drive

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Our Purpose

There are many areas in our lives that have an effect  on our dental health.  These are our assess to the dental services, our income and ability to pay, our diets, our fluoride uptake and the sealants that protect teeth.  Smoking effects the whole body, especially the teeth. As important as all these factors are, when one observes the difference between those with a healthy dentition and those precious people who don't want to smile, the most important factor we see is the person themselves. Did they understand how to plan out their healthy smile?  Did they understand that their mouth is a science that is most strongly controlled not by their caregivers or their parents income but by their own  personal choices?  They are the number one caregiver of their body and mouth. Understanding the mouth becomes possible with an exciting  in depth teaching of the principles that govern the mouth- called Oral Health Science.  This is a missing link within the Oral Health Crisis affecting Our region.  With a lot of energy and hope we are trying to make change one student at a time in one school at a time.


Tracy and all those that make this program possible

And to Delta Dental's Making Smiles Happen.  Plan Ahead Smiles Program makes smiles happen one  student at a time.

South East Kentucky

Amanda Hathaway

Amanda Hathaway wants a career in dental care.  She came from Rhode Island this October to help with five programs.  Thanks so much Amanda.

We have been to Southeast Ky on three different trips. If funds allow we will get back to region fall 2019 and spring 2020

Volunteers Welcome- Local or Outreach Trip.

Each program takes hours of bagging dental supplies. loading the vehicle, setting up the program and reloading.  Students or hygienist who would like to volunteer, please contact